A Moment With Linda Martel

With Linda Martel Interiors, you get fresh design, with a caring, quality approach that brings out the best in you, your business, and your style.

Design is a personal, ever-growing journey, and that’s reflected in my personal approach to design for clients. We serve clients in central Kentucky, Louisville, and thanks to modern technology, we can work virtually anywhere remotely.  We bring a clean, fresh approach to commercial interiors, with an added personal touch, and trust in a job well done.

Quite simply, design is my passion.

When I left a comfortable healthcare position and returned to school, I fell in love with design, drafting and color theory. I knew I’d found the path to my passion.  It wasn’t always easy. I was a young mom with a job, school work and new career horizons. I worked the night shift at a Kentucky hospital, and went to school during the day.  It was hard, but as a family, we made it work. We had a lot of mac and cheese for dinner in those days.

I’ve always had a knack for organization and a keen eye for design and space planning. As a nursing unit secretary at hospitals in Connecticut and Kentucky for nearly 20 years, structure, organization, and attention to detail was critical in keeping nursing units running efficiently and properly.  As I shared a busy nurses’ station with nurses, doctors, therapists, and others, I took note of the lack of functionality, the industrial, bland colors and design, and the overall aesthetics of the hospital. It wasn’t exactly conducive to a calming, healing color scheme or welcoming design.

That stuck in my mind when my family left Connecticut and settled on a colorful, peaceful farm in central Kentucky.  My goals shifted towards building a design career. I was lucky to work for a large Louisville architecture firm, Luckett & Farley, which specialized in healthcare design and architecture. I was able to marry both of my professional loves, and my career in interior design took off.  Whether it was working on healthcare facilities nationwide or designing the interiors of the executive offices at one of Louisville’s most iconic landmarks, I immersed myself into every project with gusto.

I started my own company in 2011 and focus on commercial interior design and planning for new construction or renovation of existing structures.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a large corporate client or space planning and design for a small business or nonprofit, there are a few things you can count on from me.  Trust. Thoughtfulness. Quality.

When I first meet you, we’ll get to know each other – we’ll talk, and I’ll listen. I like to say I help you solve problems you don’t even realize you have yet. Together, you can trust we’ll form a plan and design that best suits your needs – and budget – every time.

I put a lot of thought into your project. I’m part psychologist, visionary, and artist working with a blank canvas. I want you to be comfortable, productive, and content in your surroundings.

I’m passionate about quality. When I dive into a project, I’m present from the first seed of an idea to the last finishing touch. I look at each project as a huge puzzle and I revel in assembling the pieces. When it’s finished, I see the final picture, and feel good in knowing I’ve met (and, hopefully exceeded) my client’s needs.

I’d love to talk more about bringing your design visions to life.  Contact me any time at lindamartel.com. Linda Martel Interiors is ready to design for your success.  I look forward to meeting you.